Arne Hansen & Nils Nolting, Cityförster, Rubber House te Almere

It was a pleasure working with you. We appreciate your professional approach and creative contributions for the solving of problems. We enjoyed the dialoguous way in which it was possible to work on this project together. The Revit 3d illustrations helped in understanding problems and making design decisions. You really did a very good job, keeping schedules and also being able to react flexibly on last-minute-changes. The communication via online media like skype and webex also was a success in the project. It showed that it is possible and efficient, even on larger distance.
We will recommend your work to every Dutch colleague we know (there might be some more eenvoud houses waiting for you? ) . If you are also interested in working on projects in Germany once in a while, especially in Lenotec, we can imagine to get back to you on this as well.


Rubber House